Pella is a fabulous place to live!  We have what everyone seems to want: low crime rate, great schools, a nice neat clean town to live in.  We have a Historical Village, an Opera House, and even the largest lake in the State of Iowa, only three miles from downtown.  Our location is ideal as we are only 46 miles from Des Moines, 219 miles from Kansas City, 312 miles from Chicago, 288 miles from Minneapolis and 180 miles from Omaha.  Pella - a great place to work, a great place to live.


The Dutch architecture of Pella is influenced by the Netherlands' small size and its clay soil. A typical Dutch building was tall and narrow, to save space and taxes, which were based on amount of canal frontage used. In the 1960s, Pella looked to its heritage and began a program of restoring and enhancing the business district, which resulted in a charming replica of a village in the Netherlands.

To learn more about all of the Pella area attractions, visit the Pella Convention & Visitor's Bureau website

Brick Home at Franklin and West Second Streets
This house is one of the oldest structures in Pella. The house is divided into a living space and work area, both under one roof. At the west end of the house, you'll see the original double doors, which lead to the old blacksmith shop. Today the east end of the house remains as the living area. The unique brickwork on the house is known as Dutch cross bond.

Brick Home at 514 Broadway Street
This house is on the former site of a steam sawmill, which produced most of the lumber for Pella's early homes. The old house contains some unique German architectural details, with the use of stone for sills and lintels. The black iron stars on the house are used for support. The house was built in the early 1800s.

McClatchy House at 1008 East Second Street
A barn that served as a woolen mill still stands behind the restored McClatchy house, built in 1853. The home displays a good example of Gothic architecture.

Log Cabin on Lincoln Street, Jest East of Main Street
A small log cabin still stands from the early days of Pella. The cabin was discovered several years ago when the siding was removed. The inner log cabin structure was quite a surprise for the owner who had intended to demolish the house. Today it has been restored and people live in the old Pella landmark.


  • 9909 (2000 Adjusted Census)
Land Area
  • 6.7 sq. miles
Average Commute Time
  • 9.4 minutes
  • 880 feet above sea level
Temperature & Weather
  • Average January  -  high 27 / low 10
  • Average April  -  high 61 / low 40
  • Average July  -  high 86 / low 66
  • Average September  -  high 76 / low 54
  • Precipitation averages 31.5 inches annually with average seasonal snowfall of 32 inches
Crime Statistics
(2003 Occurrences)
  • 0 murders (includes manslaughter & homicide)
  • 0 kidnapping / abduction
  • 38 assaults
  • 7 motor vehicle thefts
  • 65 larcenies (includes building & vehicle)
* More detailed statistics can be obtained by visiting the City of Pella website.
Household Size & Home Ownership Statistics
  • Average household size is 2.40 people
  • Average family size is 2.95 members
  • Home ownership percentage is 67.9% of population
  • Percent of households that are families is 68.5%
  • Percent of households that are single is 31.5%
Race / Ethnicity & Age Statistics in Pella
(2000 Census)
  • 96.3% of population is White / Caucasian
  • 2.4% of population is Asian
  • 1.1% of population is Hispanic / Latino
  • 0.2% of population is Black / African American
  • 0.2% of population is American Indian / Alaska Native
  • 27.9% of population is under age 19
  • 22.0% of population is age 20 to 34
  • 24.0% of population is age 35 to 54
  • 21.9% of population is age 55 to 84
  • 4.2% of population is over age 85
  • Median age in Pella is 35.1 years
Pella Schools Pella has three primary school options:
  • Pella Christian Schools
  • Pella Community Schools
  • Home Schooling